Many farmers spend a lot of time repairing their farm equipment, especially maintaining their tractors. If you have a farm, chances are that he will be spending a lot of your time working on agricultural machinery or retrofitting farm equipment you already have.

Repairing your tractor is not a pleasant experience, especially when you are supposed to be working in the fields. Sometimes farmers waste half of their workday doing these chores. They end up wasting more time when they do not find the needed parts in the local parts stores. Farmers can reduce this hassle if they know what parts are likely to get damaged. It may not be possible all the time, but the knowledge can really help make things a bit easier. There have even been court battles over farmers right to repair their own equipment.

This knowledge is all about being prepared. If you have access to the right parts, you will not have to waste lots of time repairing your tractor. In other words, you will be able to hit your downtime to a minimum. If you look at a tractor repair manual, you will get a recommendation of the important inventory that you may need to keep on hand. Farmers should be familiar with these parts. Make sure you have these parts ready at hand, even if your tractor manual does not have such a list.

A tractor has several filters, and it is really good to have a stock of them all. However, there are two filters that may need to be repaired more frequently than others. The first is the gas filter. If the gas gets dirty, the gas filter may not work properly.  And in such a case, it may wreak havoc on your engine. But you do not need to deal with this issue because gas filters are very cheap. If you have an extra one, you can replace it pretty easily.

The hydraulic filter is another filter that may need to be replaced quite often. Hydraulic filters can pretty easily get damaged. Until you replace the filter, the hydraulic system will remain unusable. The problem is pretty common, so make sure you always have some extra hydraulic filters. They are cheap, and you can easily get them in your local hardware store.

Then we need to talk about belts. They are inexpensive and you can fix them easily. However, for some belts, finding a good match can be hard. For this very reason, you may end up wasting a lot of time to fix it. In some cases, that can be really frustrating. In order to avoid this problem, make sure you always have some extra belts.

Now we will talk about a spare key. It may sound a bit surprising to some farmers. Contrary to what many farmers think, a spare key is not an integral part of a tractor. If the key gets damaged or lost, you may end up wasting a lot of time trying to fix the issue. If you order a spare key, it will take time to arrive. To prevent this frustration, make sure you have an extra spare key. It is even better if you have a stock of several spare keys.

Finally, most tractor breakdowns result from electrical problems. A blown fuse is a common electrical problem and it is pretty easy to fix the issue. You can do it with the help of a manual even if you have never done it. The process of replacing a fuse takes just a few seconds. If you do not have an extra fuse, the procedure can get lengthy and exhausting. Here is another important thing to remember. It is possible to use the wrong fuse on your tractor, and it can result in expensive damages. That is why we recommend having several spare fuses.

In the farm machinery sector, nothing is as exhausting as repairing the tools you use on a regular basis. There is a great need for agricultural companies such as RFM NT to create durable retrofit components to reduce this risk. In some cases, it can mean loss of crops. You can keep things simple by just having a stock of some parts. This simple act can save your valuable time.